"My work aims to investigate the relationship between complexity and simplicity, in search of that magic that only the delicate game of balances between these two elements can recreate.

All my products are the result of a strict design method, developed along the years. This method grants to all my works a certain design quality and a recognizable identity."

David was born in Italy, near Milan, in a family with long craft tradition. His vision and approach to design comes from a whole variety of educational and professional experiences abroad over a number of years. Founded in 2007, DAVID DOLCINI STUDIO deals primarily with product and industrial design, interior and exhibition design, art direction. The firm collaborates with companies like Luceplan, Porada, Bric’s, Panasonic, Riva1920, Galassia and IED among others.

Every single project is developed through a strict design methodology, and a multidisciplinary analytical approach developed over the years, that guarantees to each of our projects a certain qualitative standard in all the different aspects that compose it. This methodological approach is based on the medley of the following key points:

The Firm collaborates with important design companies with a strong artisan component, developing projects respecting the history and DNA of each client, supporting the development through self-developed prototypes or samples.

Innovation is one of the main project drivers of the Firm; it’s developed through a constant comparison with the main and most modern technologies of industrial production.

Never forget where we come from! The Italian one is an immense and marvellous legacy that permeates our whole work and characterizes the identity of our projects.

The many experiences abroad over the years, the opening of an operational base also in Spain in 2012 and the collaboration with international clients give the studio a global approach to every project.