The balance of all project complexities in a coherent essential outcome is what makes product magic.

David was born in Italy, near Milan, in a family with long craft tradition. His vision and approach to design comes from a whole variety of educational and professional experiences abroad over a number of years. After finishing his studies at Milan Polytechnic in 2004, he entered the world of design as a project manager for Luceplan. Later he worked in Shanghai for A00-Architecture. In 2007 he founds his own firm DAVID DOLCINI STUDIO and in 2012 he opened a new operative base in Valencia, Spain.


Design as a method, a process of research and analysis that ends in a synthesis creative step.

All projects realized by David Dolcini Studio are the result of a constant dialog with its clients and a design approach characterized by the direct technical detailed study on each project, the knowledge of materials and production technologies, together with a continuous research: from art to architecture, from handcraft to industrial design.

The Studio deals primarily with product and industrial design, interior and exhibition design, art direction. The firm collaborates with companies like Luceplan, Porada, Bric’s, Panasonic, Riva1920, Galassia Ceramics, IED and Milan Polytechnic among others.

Every single project is developed by the Studio through a strict design methodology, and a multidisciplinary analytical approach acquired over the years. This methodological approach is based on the medley of the following key points:

We work accurately and tailored on each project, directly facing the individual problems and testing solutions and details through prototypes and hand-made models, done in our laboratory.

Innovation as a design driver, developed over years of projects through a constant direct comparison with the main and most modern industrial production technologies.

Never forget where we come from! The Italian one is an immense and marvellous legacy that permeates our whole work and characterizes our approach to every project.

The various experiences abroad over the years, the opening of an operative base also in Spain and the collaboration with clients from all over the world enrich the studio of an international vision.